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Falun Dafa Information Center Introductory News Bulletin

Considered by Chinese authorities to be one of the most taboo topics and a key target of state-led persecution, Falun Gong remains a central issue in contemporary China. The Falun Dafa Information Center (FDIC) is a primary resource for information about this spiritual group and the human rights abuses Falun Gong practitioners continue to face at the hands of the Chinese regime. Offering first-hand accounts, updated documentation, and in-depth analysis on the issue, as well as serving as the official press office of Falun Gong, the Center serves as a vital resource for any media professional reporting on China.

Below is a sampling of the Center’s recent releases related to the Olympic games, followed by links to relevant third-party reports on Falun Gong and its current status in China. We also invite you to visit our new website, re-launched in June 2008, and complete with features such as: FAQs, timelines, and photo galleries.

We wish you the best in your important work and look forward to keeping you up-to-date on the latest Falun Gong-related news.


Recent FDIC Releases


Media and NGO Reports


Behind the Olympic Spectacle: A Journalist's Walking Guide to the Persecution of Falun Gong in Beijing
Report details locations in and around Beijing where Falun Gong adherents were detained, tortured or killed

Among the thousands of reporters, athletes, and spectators arriving this week for the Beijing Olympics, most have likely heard of Falun Gong and the Communist Party’s often brutal campaign to crush it. But what few realize is the extent to which the violence meted out against these peaceful religious believers has in some cases taken place within walking distance of Olympic venues, hotels, and prominent landmarks.

To assist journalists covering the 2008 Olympic Games, the Falun Dafa Information Center released today a report providing detailed leads on 16 Chinese citizens detained or killed recently in Beijing and surrounding provinces for practicing Falun Gong.

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Beijing Reporters, Tear Down This Firewall (and How To)
The Falun Dafa Information Center Offers Tools for Breaking through the CCP's Internet Filters and Securing your Data while Covering the Beijing Olympics

With the International Olympic Committee having admitted prior consent to the Chinese authorities to block access for foreign reporters to certain websites (article), the Falun Dafa Information Center, in cooperation with Internet freedom activists, hereby offers journalists in Beijing a resource to gain free access to information during their stay in China.

The tools available on the Global Internet Freedom Consortium (GIFC) website  allow anonymous, secure access to public websites normally accessible outside of the CCP's filters.

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Thousands of Falun Gong Adherents Arrested throughout China in Run Up to Olympics
Hundreds of Beijing Residents Held in Detention Centers, Dozens Sentenced to Labor Camps 

With one month to go before the Olympic Games’ opening ceremony, Chinese security agencies continue to arrest Falun Gong adherents throughout China in large numbers. In Beijing alone, hundreds have been arrested and dozens sentenced to labor camps without trial.

In recent months, the Falun Dafa Information Center (FDIC) has received regular reports from adherents and their families inside China of door-to-door searches and arrests. According to statistics compiled from these reports, there have been at least 8,037 arrests of Falun Gong adherents across 29 provinces, major cities and autonomous regions since December 2007.The largest monthly total of 1,819 known arrests occurred in June, followed by 1,799 known arrests in May. In Beijing alone, there have been at least 208 arrests across all 18 of the municipality’s districts and counties since December 2007

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Sydney Morning Herald: “Screws Tighten on Persecuted [Group]”
Mary-Anne Toy, in Beijing, July 26, 2008

Helen, a university graduate who speaks English and another European language fluently, lives in poverty in a rundown apartment block in a Chinese city we cannot identify to protect her.

The flats on either side of her are occupied by the mistresses of Chinese businessmen.

Helen, not her real name, also lives a secret life - one that is far more dangerous and less acceptable to China's Communist leaders than being or keeping a mistress.

She believes in Falun Gong, a quasi-Buddhist spiritual movement preaching "truth, forbearance and compassion" and teaches qi gong - ancient Chinese breathing exercises - to improve health and allegedly even cure illnesses and injuries.

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Globe and Mail: “Chinese turn a blind eye to facts under their noses”
Christie Blatchford, August 7, 2008

BEIJING -- There was an exchange yesterday in a little dumplings restaurant in the run-down Daxing district in the southern part of this enormous city that captured the unsettling dichotomy that seems so much a part of the Chinese way of life.

I was trying to follow the so-called journalists' "Walking Guide to the Persecution of Falun Gong in Beijing," … and was looking for the Beijing Municipal Prison for Women, where at least a couple of the most recent Falun Gong detainees are believed to be incarcerated. They are in jail; it's just that this being China, it is not always easy to determine which one.

Daxing it turns out is as famous for its prisons as it is for its watermelons, and when my interpreter asked a man eating at the table across from us where the women's city hoosegow was, he grinned and shrugged, "There are lots of prisons here."

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Amnesty International, United Nations and Others

A wide range of independent reports on conditions experienced by Falun Gong adherents in custody are available on the Center’s website such as:

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