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Sequence of Events - Falun Gong Practitioners Attacked in Argentina

Chinese President Hu Jintao and his 300-strong delegation arrived in Argentina on November 16. Hu is on a tour of South America with stops in Brazil, Argentina, Cuba and Chile, where the APEC conference will be held on November 20 and 21.


Zambian Court Issues Arrest Warrant for High-ranking Chinese Communist Party Official

The High Court of Zambia issued an official arrest warrant and dispatched police to search for a Chinese official held in contempt of court after being charged with the murder of Falun Gong practitioners.


¿Quién le disparó a David Liang?

Quién disparó a David Liang la semana pasada en Sudáfrica es una pregunta que atrajo la atención de la comunidad internacional, y exponiendo los perfiles de dos funcionarios chinos que visitaban Sudáfrica en ese momento.


Please Help Rescue My Fiancé, American Dr. Charles Li

I first met Charles more than a year ago at a social gathering at Stanford University. He is a very kind and sincere person who always helps me when I have difficulties. He always looks into himself and tries to become a better person following the principles of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance.


Verdict Nears in Test Case for Hong Kong's "One Country, Two Systems"

Widely viewed as a test case for the "One Country, Two Systems" in Hong Kong, the trial (photos and timeline) of 16 Falun Gong practitioners is expected to conclude this week. Final submissions by the prosecution and defense are scheduled for Tuesday, August 6, Hong Kong time.


Cases of Six Falun Gong Dead From Police Abuse Exposed as China's President Bans BBC

Amidst further efforts by Jiang Zemin's regime to mask the three-year persecution from his own people and the international community, six more reports of Falun Gong practitioners dead in China after police abuse surfaced in the last ten days.


China’s “Blacklist” Draws Attention in World’s Airports, Raises Alarming Questions

Dozens of individuals around the world were surprised this week to find that their travel plans to Iceland to take part in a peaceful appeal had been cancelled – by the Chinese communist regime.


Chinese "Show Trial" Slaps American with 3-Year Sentence

After more than 50 days of isolated detention, American citizen Dr. Charles Li was hurried through a show trial by China’s "high court". The Intermediate People's Court in Yangzhou announced its anticipated "guilty" verdict late yesterday, March 21.

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