Resumen y recomendaciones del Informe Ejecutivo Anual 2008

La represión a Falun Gong en China continental escaló severamente en 2008. Una cantidad significativa de evidencia, incluyendo relatos directos de víctimas, declaraciones de oficiales del gobierno chino y fuentes de terceras partes confiables, indican que el incremento de la persecución fue en gran medida gracias a los Juegos de Beijing. Oficiales chinos, bajo el auspicio de “asegurar unas Olimpiadas tranquilas” utilizaron el ambiente de seguridad estricta para detener arbitrariamente, torturar, y sentenciar practicantes de Falun Gong en todo China para re-educación a través del trabajo con sentencias de 2 años y medio o en prisión hasta 13 años.


A Global Campaign of Harassment, Intimidation and Violence

Soon after Chinese leader Jiang Zemin initiated the brutal persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, incidents appeared of Chinese officials threatening, harassing and assaulting Falun Gong practitioners, as well as pressuring foreign officials, businesses, and free media around the world to adopt Jiang’s stance against Falun Gong.


Reports from China: 18 More Falun Gong Deaths from Police Brutality, Torture

Utterly exhausted from 12 days without sleep, Lihong Ding’s captors forced him to pace his cell to keep him awake. Many times the 36-year-old collapsed while walking, banging his head on the walls and floors.


China: 25 Falun Gong Deaths from Police Torture and Abuse Reported in the Past Month

A 39-year-old medical doctor whose 5’6’’ frame was reduced to 80 pounds from nine months of police brutality and forced-feeding, died on December 4, 2002.


Police Hang 70 Year-Old Man From a Rack, Leaving Him to Die Days Later

Today, as 16 Swiss and Hong Kong practitioners of Falun Gong are on trial in the SAR for peacefully appealing outside China's Liaison Office to end the torture and killing of Falun Gong practitioners in China, reports surface of eight more deaths due to police brutality on the Mainland.


Cases of Six Falun Gong Dead From Police Abuse Exposed as China's President Bans BBC

Amidst further efforts by Jiang Zemin's regime to mask the three-year persecution from his own people and the international community, six more reports of Falun Gong practitioners dead in China after police abuse surfaced in the last ten days.


Five More Falun Gong Practitioners Dead as Reign of Terror Continues in China

The Falun Dafa Information Center has received details of and verified the deaths of five more Falun Gong practitioners in China. All five deaths occurred in police custody and involved physical abuse, including torture. This brings the number of documented deaths to 283, with government sources inside China disclosing that the actual number exceeds 1,000.

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