La cobertura de los medios sobre la querella en Argentina pasa por arriba el aspecto más importante: la evidencia

La semana pasada, un juez argentino dictaminó y ordenó al departamento local de la Interpol que buscara arrestar a dos altos oficiales del partido comunista chino, Jiang Zemin y Luo Gan, por sus roles en los crímenes contra la humanidad cometidos contra los practicantes de Falun Gong.




Two Falun Gong Women Raped Amid UN Rapporteur Visit

The Falun Dafa Information Center (FDI) has learned of the November 25th rape in police custody of two Falun Gong women, ages 42 and 51. Shocking photos suggest the violent nature of at least one of the two rapes.


Photo Evidence Tells of Grisly Torture in China

The Falun Dafa Information Center recently obtained photographs that provide startling evidence of torture in China at the hands of authorities. The photos reveals horrific mutilation of the breasts of Falun Gong adherent Ms. Wang Yunjie, of Dalian city, Liaoning province, and bespeak of the continued violence perpetrated in China against followers of the Falun Gong.


Photos Reveal Electric Shock Torture Commonly Used on Falun Gong in China

Photos of 36-year-old Ms. Gao Rongrong, whose face was severely disfigured from seven hours of electric shock torture, were obtained from sources inside China last week.


Four-year-old Girl Travels to 37 Countries Speaking for Human Rights after Father Killed in China

Little Fadu is only 4 years old, but already she understands that her father, Chengyong Chen, was a very brave man.


URGENT APPEAL: Henan Agriculture University Graduate Suffering Severe Torture, Near Death

Reports from China indicate that 29-year-old Xu Song is currently being detained and tortured at the First Detention Center in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, because he is a practitioner of Falun Gong. To protest the brutality, Mr. Song went on a hunger strike that, as of January 3, has lasted more than 50 days.

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