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ONGs/Derechos Humanos


Swiss Lawyer’s Statement Regarding Suing Jiang

Philip Grant, Lawyer, President of TRIAL * Geneva, March 18, 2003 * - TRIAL, (“track impunity always”), is a Swiss based Non-Government Organization dedicated to combat immunity. What the victims of the Falun Gong repression endure does not constitute a purely internal question. China, just like any other State, must pay respect to the rules of international law it has ratified and to those regulations which are binding under international customary law.


International Campaign Rescues Twin Sister from Chinese Labour Camp

After months of appealing throughout the country, Helen Peng could not have wished for a more fitting Christmas gift. When the Canadian called China to wish her family a happy holiday, she discovered that her twin sister was no longer a prisoner of conscience. "It is not because the labour camp is compassionate that she was released, but because the Global Rescue campaign and Canadian Government exerted pressure on China," said Helen (Tianying) Peng this week from Toronto.

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